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I know I just finished the brain radiation at the end of April, and finished the spine radiation in early May but it feels like it is taking a long time to get back to feeling even kind of normal. I had a few days where I was eating everything in site and then the stomach started acting up again and now we are back to food being unappealing and being nauseous a lot of the time anyway. Legs are still not cooperating like I’d like them to, and I am tired like I’ve never been tired before.

My radiation oncologist seems to think that it is still related to healing: “We did a lot of damage to your body Ashley.”. I do understand what she is saying, last year it took almost six months to recover from three doses of one of the chemos. I get it, I just still wish I was healing faster.

Part of it is probably a prejudice on my part too. A little over a year ago, just after the double mastectomy, they wanted to do radiation on the right side breast area as a “prophylactic’ measure. Just in case there were still cancer cells floating around over there in that skin even after all the chemo and the surgery. I was debating it. I know several survivors who have had long term side effects from treatment and the ones with the worst long term issues, they have all been from radiation. I have believed all along that it is harder for our bodies to heal from radiation and takes longer and I guess I am proving that. Time to shut up and wait I guess, and go to the gym and try to eat better and get back on my supplements so I can get my body repaired ASAP!


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