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Still at it

I haven’t updated in awhile, sorry about that. I’m still on chemo although we have changed my changed my treatment schedule a little because my platelets are not coming back as quickly as they have been. So I actually have to go for treatment more days (3x a month) because the other medication doesn’t coordinate schedule wise with my chemo anymore. My weight is back up, I was down to 111 pounds this summer from some of the other problems, I’m about 5’8 so that is pretty skinny for me. I felt like I looked sick and I don’t like that. I actually read an article right after I was diagnosed that talked about how anywhere between 20% – 40% of cansore patients actually die from nutrition issues, not the dis-ease.

The Komen “Race for the Cure” is this Saturday – which is also my birthday. I’m only walking the course but several team members are running it. My team is at about $2000 raised. You can still join the team and/or donate through the team site. It is also my birthday and I am celebrating those every year from now on in some fashion so come help me celebrate by helping raise money to find a cure and to help other women and families who are dealing with this.

Another school year started and my daughter had another birthday, last year I was much more emotional about it. I still get emotional, I still get the what-ifs, I still get scared and I still wonder if this is the last one of things I’ll get to be around for. I don’t believe that is the case but that doesn’t make me not wonder or take the fear away but it does help me to make sure I cherish all the things I am here for. I try not to turn down invitations or opportunities to do things with my kids, husband, family, or friends. I want to go see a shuttle launch, always have, there are only two more left I think, so I’m figuring out how I can do it. I want to scuba dive again – it has been a long time and I love it so I am trying to work out how I can do it, but all the little things are important too: taking my kids to school, being at their shows, reading to them at bedtime, yelling at them to get moving in the morning, making their lunches, even just playing video games. I really love it when one of them just sits on my lap and hangs out. I can only handle one at a time right now.

Lots more has been going on, we got a dog, we went away for a weekend, went to festivals, did all the back-to-school stuff, and generally have been living life. It’s great!


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