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So yesterday I went to a doctor’s appointment with one of my best friends. She has been feeling poorly, having trouble eating, feeling nauseous and even vomiting regularly since February. We finally got her to go to the doctor in May and they have scoped and scanned a half dozen things and can’t figure out what is wrong. She came over on Wednesday to help me out with something and mentioned that her doctor called and ‘wanted to see her’ – which of course is pretty much always anxiety producing; so I offered to go with her.

She has lost 15 pounds since May and still doesn’t feel better so the doctor decided to admit her to the hospital. This poor guy from transportation comes in to where she and I are sitting, both look reasonably healthy but of course, I’m bald, so he figured I was the patient. Nope, she is. We go to the registration desk, lady looks up at me: No, talk to her. Transportation comes back, different kid, No, not me. Up to her room, resident, intern, nurse, fortunately most of them ask first “Are you Mrs. ________?” No, not me. That day I wasn’t the patient. Fortunately, despite the fact that my friend was nauseous and felt badly, we were able to joke about it.

I’m not happy they haven’t figured out what is wrong with my friend. They are starting to think outside the box and run some other tests and hopefully will get an answer with this round of stuff. She’s worried and was a little freaked out by being admitted to the hospital. She’s been in the hospital before but we weren’t expecting that yesterday. One thing I keep telling her is that we’ll find out what it is and we’ll handle it. That is what we do. That is what all of us do. We find out what is wrong and we handle it.

and thankfully, despite being worried and a little freaked out, we were able to find something to laugh at yesterday… Nope, the bald chick isn’t the patient today.


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