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I couldn’t even share it on here for awhile, I was just too stunned, and it was someone I never met in person and whose voice I never once heard. There is a discussion board, youngsurvival, that I am on. I don’t participate a ton as I still feel like I’m learning and don’t have much to give back compared to some of the people who have been on much longer and as someone who started her journey at stage iv, gets really emotional easily. So I looked in the ibc section last summer and there was two posts by the same woman, one from March announcing that she had been declared cancer free and another saying that she started a website. I went to take a look.

I actually laughed when I saw it, if you have read anything about ibc you know it really isn’t humorous but across the top of her page was IBC…OMG…WTF – that about sums it up. So I sent her an email telling her that I liked her site and we became ‘friends’. Told each other our stories and friended each other on facebook and I took a lot of hope from her. Her name: Treena. She had been diagnosed with ibc in August of 2007 when she was pregnant with her daughter. She was declared free of it in March 2009.

In early December she emails me and tells me it is back, involving her liver. Turns out it was other places too but the liver was the worst of it. We email back and forth and IM on facebook when we are both on. She sent me some books and two gift cards at Christmas. Generous, beautiful lady. We PM in January and then I get my scans in February and then decided I had something I wanted to send to her so I look at her FB page to find her phone number and discovered she died.

As near as I can tell we were messaging on January 14th. She was admitted to the hospital January 16th and left us on January 22nd. Somehow I missed the post on facebook. I was stunned, the last I had heard she was achy and a little weak and taking chemo. I’m still stunned. I cannot believe she is gone. She was upbeat, spirited, generous, and she had a baby girl, Evie just turned two at Christmas, to fight for.

I joke about it, and my spirits are generally good, but this thing is still a killer and I have to beat it. Her story is not my story, but our paths crossed and for a little while we walked together and became friends and I’m sorry I won’t ever hear her voice but I am sorrier for her daughter who won’t remember it. We NEED a cure, this is not the story I want for my kids.


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